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Byline Bank Headquarters Information

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Byline Bank is a Chicago based American bank that was founded in 1978. The bank currently has 52 branches in the Chicago metropolitan area.

The bank has had a number of subsidiary banks in the past including:

  • Metrobank
  • Plaza Bank
  • Citizens Community Bank
  • Chicago Community Bank
  • Archer Bank
  • First Commercial Bank
  • North Community Bank etc.

The bank was one of the hardest hit by the recent financial crisis. This culminated in the bank facing closure in 2013. However, it was saved by the intervention of a timely investment from BXM Holdings.

Back in 2009, the bank was known as the Metropolitan Bank Group. They took $71.5 million from the Troubled Asset Relief Program.

It would however take the $207 million investment by BXM Holdings LLC to keep the bank from being closed by federal regulators.

The Metropolitan Bank Group would be renamed Byline bank in 2015 as would its subsidiaries.

Byline Bank Headquarters

Byline Bank’s headquarters are located at 180 North LaSalle Street in Chicago, Illinois. This building is a 39-story skyscraper that was constructed back in 1972.

The building measures 410 feet in height and has 770,191 square feet of space. The lower floors of the building were renovated in 1999 for $20 million. In 2010 the building was bought for $72 million.

Some of the buildings neighbors include:

  • Randolph Tower
  • The State of Illinois Building
  • Century Tower etc.

Available Services

Byline Bank has done much to bounce back from the financial crisis. The bank is now back to its best offering regular banking products and services including:

  • Checking accounts
  • Savings accounts
  • Credit cards
  • Mortgages
  • Personal loans etc.

The bank has also taken several measures to improve its business. One of its incentive programs offers $500 to any existing customer who refers 5 new customers to the bank.

The bank also has mobile and online banking services to enable the customers manage their accounts more easily.

With their online banking for example, customers can pay their bills, check their account balance and do various other activities remotely.

Byline also offers a variety of products that are targeted at businesses. These include:

  • Savings and Checking accounts
  • Lending facilities
  • Cash Management
  • Business Credit Cards etc.

The Byline Financial Group caters for businesses that want to lease or buy new equipment for their businesses. These services can be offered through the suppliers of the equipment or the customers can contact Byline directly.

Byline relies on two and half decades of experience in the financing of these products. They have taken several steps to make the prospect more attractive to customers such as:

  • A simple application process
  • Quick decisions on the approval of credit
  • Many financing options to choose from
  • Single point-of-contact for all the needs of the financing process
  • Access to financing specialists at senior levels etc.

Some of the industries that Byline Financial Group regular provides financing for include:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Commercial and industrial
  • Veterinary
  • Office products
  • Healthcare
  • IT etc.

By taking measures such as providing 100% financing for the equipment being purchased, Byline helps its customers to save money on taxes.

Byline Bank Headquarters Address

180 N LaSalle Dr, Chicago, IL 60601

Byline Bank headquarters address

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