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Byline Bank Routing Numbers & Wire Transfer

    Byline Bank is a community bank based in Chicago with history spans over 100 years. Recently, its name changed from North Community Bank to Byline Bank but the commitment remains the same – to be the bank residents of Chicago deserve.

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Routing number is a unique way of establishing financial institutions in wire transfers in the US.

Below is a list of Byline Bank routing numbers.

  • 071001533 – Chicago, Illinois
  • 071002707 – Chicago, Illinois
  • 071004158 – Chicago, Illinois
  • 071004349 – Chicago, Illinois
  • 071004530 – Chicago, Illinois
  • 071922256 – Chicago, Illinois
  • 071922874 – Chicago, Illinois
  • 071922984 – Chicago, Illinois
  • 071923666 – Chicago, Illinois
  • 071925871 – Chicago, Illinois
  • 071926618 – Chicago, Illinois
  • 071926870 – Chicago, Illinois


A quick look at your check is one way of finding your routing number.

The sample check below illustrates were you can find the routing number in your Byline Bank check.

Note: The routing number is made up of the first sequence so numbers at the bottom left corner

Check example


Wire transfers give you an edge when you need to meet your instant cash transfer needs.

In the US, wire transfers come at a fee for incoming and outgoing transactions.

Routing number supports domestic wire transfers while SWIFT code ensure you receive international wire transfers in your account.

Since Byline Bank lacks SWIFT code, it uses international intermediary bank in receiving international wire transfers.

Domestic Wire

Byline Bank supports domestic wire transfers.

In order to receive domestic wire transfers, give the sender the following information.

  • Bank Name – Byline Bank
  • Routing Number – 071001533
  • Address of Bank – Chicago, IL
  • Beneficiary’s Name – Your name as it appears on your statement
  • Beneficiary’s Account Number – Your full Byline Bank account number

International Wire

It is possible to receive international wire transfers in your Byline Bank account.

To receive international transfers, get in touch with Byline Bank’s customer care to request intermediary bank details for international wires.

After you get the details, incorporate the following information and submit to the sender.

  • Beneficiary – Byline Bank
  • Address – Chicago, IL
  • Routing Number – 071001533
  • Customer’s Name – Your name as it appears on your statement
  • Customer’s Account Number – Your full Byline Bank account number

Wire Transfer Fees for Byline Bank

Both international and domestic wire transaction fees fluctuate depending on if they are incoming or outgoing transfers.

The fee is always changing, so feel free to contact the bank directly on phone at 773-244-7000 to know wire transfer fees.

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