Delaware Banks: List of Banks Headquartered in Delaware


Note: There might be other banks in Delaware, this page contains only banks which their headquarters or main offices are based in Delaware.

Bank (Login Tutorial) Phone Number Routing Number Year Founded
Advanta Bank 1-800-705-7255 124384848 2000
Applied Bank 800-947-1090 031100966 1996
Artisans’ Bank 800-282-8255 231175759 1861
Discover Bank +1 302-349-4512 031100649 1911
Wilmington Trust 1-800-982-4620 031100092 1903
WSFS (Wilmington Savings Fund Society) 302-792-6000 031100102 1832

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About Delaware...

Thomas Garret, Delaware native, lost his fortune fighting the battle against slavery. He is also said to have personally helped more than 2,000 slaves with his important stopping location of the Underground Railroad.

It is said that the book Uncle Tom’s Cabin was modeled after this Delaware native also.

Home to the most dominant population of the horseshoe crab, those that visit Delaware will love the sights of so many in a single known location.

It is also the fascinating knowledge that the horseshoe crab can live for an entire year without eating anything at all. More intriguing yet is the fact they the horseshoe crabs have remained basically the exact same since the days of the dinosaur.

Information about Delaware

State Abbreviation DE
Statehood December 7, 1787
State Capital Dover
Number of Counties 3
State Population 945,934
State Population Density 484.1 (People / Square mile)
State Motto Liberty and Independence
State Flower Peach blossom
State Tree American holly
State Bird Blue Hen Chicken
State Nickname Diamond State / First State
State Area Codes 302

Quick Facts

  • If you ever decide that you need to fry 800 chicken quarters you might want to travel to Delaware as they are the home of a frying pan that can hold them, that as well as 180 gallons of cooking oil.
  • Betsy Ross was probably beside herself to know that her very first hand sewn flag was flown in the great state of Delaware.
  • American’s have the Finnish people to thank for the knowledge of building log cabins and it was here in Delaware that the first one was built.
  • Every one of the United States’ states is home to a National Park system except one; that’s right it is in Delaware that you would be looking to no avail.
Delaware Flag State Flag
Delaware Map State Map

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