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    I am curious about all the ways that people use online banking. I want to know if I am maybe missing something. Hoping for different answers. Thanx.


    The first purpose for which I started using online banking was to stop the habit of waiting in line just to check my account’s balance. I wasted so much time and energy just for that. I cannot even imagine doing that anymore. It takes a lot of time, but it also takes a lot of energy, if I may admit. Why would I do that when I have a mobile phone, tablet, and a computer, from which I can do that in just one minute?


    I started using it when I have experienced an awful situation where some bank made a mistake. I mean, some employee. Okay, we all make mistakes but that one almost gave me a heart attack. I was so angry at that time that I started exploring other options because I don’t want to experience something like that ever again. And now, I really don’t have some unpleasant situations anymore.


    I had the same situation as Moshino. I was so mad that day that I couldn’t even recognize myself. But, that is not why I have started using online banking. I wanted to set up an online and regular payment of bills. I was tired of managing my money all the time. Now, with online banking and automatic payments that are done each month through my salary, I actually know much money I have left for other things and it makes my life easier.

    Matt B

    I use it mostly for transferring the money, besides those obvious reasons you have already mentioned here. I have a son in college, so it is very easy to transfer money for that purpose this way. You can send funds fast. You can do it whenever it is needed. Let’s say that you have a friend in need and that a situation needs to be done quickly, there you can use all the benefits of online banking. It literally made my life at least 10x easier.


    The same as Matt, because my parents live far away, and now when I am a grown-up person who has his own business, I like to help them, because they make me to the man I am. There were so many unexpected situations when I needed to transfer the money quickly, and I definitely wouldn’t be able to do it without online banking.

    Philip D

    I find it most useful while simplifying all my payrolls and also B2B payables. In that way, I easily pay all of my employees over the internet. That is why I use it for my business. Besides paying my employees, I am also able to send the funds directly to the other businessmen. You can always find transactions which will be settled on the spot. Although, such payment is unique for the National Bank if I need to mention that, I hope it is clear.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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