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    Matt B

    Any suggestions?


    Many years ago Warren Buffet told that you should spend the money after saving it and not after just receiving it. It is the fundamental principle of the saving of your personal finances. When it is time to save money, people are confused, because they do not know how much to save and when. So basically it’s your first lesson :)

    Philip D

    First of all, you should remember that money saving is considered being a regular and ongoing process. It means that when you earn money every month, you should save it for the future as well. Some financial experts advice to make so-called money dates, which means to sit every month with your personal finance and track it. Remember to evaluate everything starting from the amount of money, which you save every month as well as money, which you think to spend on something in the future.


    Try to save on the particular thing or service. When you are saving money for a certain reason, it helps you to become regular and maintain the sums of money you want to save every month. Try to figure out why do you need money: for a new apartment, for a bigger house or brand new vehicle for your spouse. These things are significant, as you will know how much money do you still need to save.


    The other essential way of appropriate money savings is getting rid of the services you do not need. For example, there are many people nowadays, who do not watch TV at all and prefer watching programs or news through the Internet on their laptop or computer. If you are the same – try to switch off your television and close the contract. Why do you need to pay for the service you do not use? The same thing is with the cable phone or any other home utility. Analyze the effectiveness of the regular services as well as goods, you purchase and think about the smart money.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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