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    Philip D

    I was wondering about this for days. I have been watching my friends, relatives, and neighbors, but also myself and my family, and I came to a conclusion that everyone spends too much of their money on something different. Have you realized what is your ”weakness”? Do you want to change it?


    Hey Philip, awesome idea to talk about! I think we will discuss a lot here! I would say that I spend most of my money on my car. The worst thing is that I barely go for a walk anywhere, and that is a huge problem, of course. First, I know that it is very bad for my health, and besides that, I spend a lot of money on gas. I definitely need to change that. I realized it once my friend saw me on the street walking and told me how surprised he was that I am not in a car. I felt a little bit ashamed, if I may admit. Besides that, I spend a lot of money on car gadgets too.


    Great theme! I wasn’t thinking about it until I found myself in a debt, and all that because of my hobby! Can you even believe that? Okay, it is not a just regular hobby like painting, but I was more into sports. I like all kinds of sports but I gave so much money for sport’s gear and for some gym memberships. I came to a conclusion that I haven’t even visited most of those gyms even once! Besides that, I don’t have enough time to even try all of that gear…


    I spend most of my money on food. Know you can think how I eat healthily or something like that, but it is a completely different story, unfortunately. I spend it because I don’t have enough time. I work too much and then I get so tired that I go to a restaurant or buy some fast food. I thought I would change that in this year, but it still seems impossible to me. Any advice? Sorry if offtopic.


    It seems like we all spend much money on our passions, and that is completely fine because people actually need to enjoy something in their life. The problem starts when you see that you have gone too far with spending. I spend most of my money on gifts. Yes, silly habit. I really like to buy for other people, and I know that I am doing it too much. I don’t buy just for birthdays or some events. It goes this way-I see some something in the store, it reminds me of my friend, and then I buy it. I haven’t found a way to stop this because now I have some feeling that everyone is expecting from me presents from time to time and I cannot quit because of that.

    Matt B

    I would like to advise Moshino, because he asked if someone knows how he can change his bad habit. I think that you are working too much, and if you can change that-it would be the best. Take at least one day off, so you can think about it clearly. Unfortunately, most of the people do not have a day off, or they do their own business, but you need to take some time ahead to plan your meals. You can freeze them then and take it with yourself to work. It doesn’t have to be hard to prepare. Some chicken breasts and veggies for example.


    Changing some spending habits may be hard, but you need to realize if you really need to change them or not. For example, spending too much money on alcohol may be a problem, of course, and someone who realizes it wants to change it. I spend most of my money on traveling, and no, I don’t want to change it, because it gives my life purpose. But, I would like to add that I know how to travel for a small amount of money. I read about it a lot, and of course, I don’t spend money on something I don’t need or want.

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