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If you’re here you probably want to submit a guest post for our blog, so let me just say, thanks for your contribution (:

To provide good standards for our readers we ask you to give us a post which complies with our guidelines on an interesting subject, please contact us to pitch your idea before you begin to write.

Read this information and make sure you can comply with everything for your post:

Content Writing Guidelines

We want to establish the best post in the blogging community for the subject you chose. Therefore, follow these steps:

  • Before Anything Else: There should be no copying of content from anywhere else. Plagiarism is strictly forbidden. only high-quality original content.
  • Avoid: Writing without added value to the reader/stuffing keyword phrases in the headlines or text.
  • Concentrate on: Writing good valuable content, great writing is creative writing.
  • Point of View: Write from your point of view with your opinions and findings of the subject.
  • Keep in Mind: Writing short sentences and space after each line, be fun, informative, and helpful to the readers.

Checklist for Every Article

  • Content should contain at least 1,000 words.
  • Separate different aspects of the subject by headlines.
  • Write short paragraphs.
  • Only one link to your website is allowed.
  • Link to 1-2 resources from a reputable website
    • e.g. Wikipedia, Forbes, Research websites, References from where the info was collected for the article, and so on.
  • At least 3 different images/videos that have high relevance to the subject.
  • Bold important sentences/words.
  • Use lists throughout the article.

* I reserve the right to edit your content before publishing on the blog in case needed.

Good Examples to Follow

Contact Me

When you have a good idea for an article, shoot me an email and let’s talk (;

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