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BMO Harris Bank Routing Numbers & Wire Transfer

    Based in Chicago, Illinois, BMO Harris is a member of the Federal Reserve System and has branches in of Illinois, Florida, Indiana, Minnesota, Kansas, Missouri, Arizona, and Wisconsin.

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Routing number also know as routing transit number allows financial institutions in the US one another when making transactions.

The main routing for BMO Harris Bank is 071025661.

Here are the other routing numbers for BMO Harris Bank

  • 071915580 – Naperville, IL
  • 067014330 – Naperville, IL
  • 075910882 – Naperville, IL
  • 081000980 – Naperville, IL
  • 075912628 – Naperville, IL
  • 081001714 – Naperville, IL
  • 075911205 – Naperville, IL
  • 075911195 – Naperville, IL
  • 075911920 – Naperville, IL
  • 075912165 – Naperville, IL


Your specific BMO Harris Bank routing number can be found on your check.

The sample check below will show you where to find it on the check.



Wire transfers in BMO Harris Bank allows customers to send and receive funds instantly.

Wire transfers are convenient when one wants to meet immediate cash transfer.

In the US, routing numbers provide a unique identifier for each financial institution while swift code identifies international financial institutions in transactions.

For transactions to take place, the sending financial institution requires details for the recipient.

Domestic Wire

For BMO Harris Bank customer to receive a wire, he or she must give the following information to the originating financial institution initiating the wire transfer.

These are the required details.

  • Bank Name – BMO Harris Bank
  • Routing Number – 071025661
  • Address of Bank – Naperville, IL
  • Beneficiary’s Name – Your name as it appears in your statement
  • Beneficiary’s Account Number – Your full BMO Harris Bank account number

International Wire

In order to transfer funds, the international sending financial institution requires the following details to transfer funds into your BMO Harris Bank account.

  • Swift Code – HATRUS44
  • Bank Name – BMO Harris Bank
  • Routing Number – 071025661
  • Address of Bank – Naperville, IL
  • Customer’s Name – Your name as it appears in your statement
  • Customer’s Account Number – Your full BMO Harris Bank account number

Wire Transfer Fees for BMO Harris Bank

In BMO Harris Bank, both international and domestic wire transfers attract a certain fee for every transfer.

To know about the changing wire transfer fees, please get in touch with BMO Harris Bank customer support on 1-888-340-2265 to request the prevailing wire transfer fees.

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