Citi Bank Routing Numbers & Wire Transfer

    Citi Bank began operations in 1812 in News York. Citi Bank’s 983 North American branches are mainly located in major metropolitan areas such as New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and Miami.

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For anyone to make wire transfers into Citi Bank account, he/she must provide the bank’s routing number. Below is a list that helps you establish routing numbers for various branches by state:

  • 321171184 – Northern California – including San Francisco & Central California
  • 322271724 – Southern California – including Los Angeles & San Diego
  • 221172610 – Connecticut
  • 021272655 – Delaware
  • 067004764 (or 266086554 for Wire Transfers) – Florida – Branches 510, 511, 512, 520, 522, 529, 530, & 622
  • 266086554 – Florida – All other Branches
  • 271070801 – Illinois
  • 052002166 (or 254070116 for Wire Transfers) – Maryland
  • 221172610 – Massachusetts
  • 122401710 (or 322271724 for Wire Transfers) – Nevada – Las Vegas branches 27, 29, 30, 56 & 789
  • 322271724 – Nevada – All other Branches
  • 021272655 – New Jersey
  • 021000089, 021001486 for former EAB customers – New York
  • 021272655 – Pennsylvania
  • 113193532 – Texas
  • 254070116 – Virginia & Washington DC


The following check image will show you where you can find Citi Bank routing number on the bank’s check.

Please note that the first nine digits at the bottom of the check form the bank’s routing number.



Wire transfers ensures you transfer or receive funds in your Citi Bank account swiftly.

Citi Bank account holders can receive money via Domestic Wire Transfers or International wire transfers.

Citibank uses SWIFT code to carryout international wire transfers.

Transfer transaction begins once the sender provides your bank account details to a financial institution.

Citi Bank allows you to make wire transfers online or by going to your local branch.

Domestic Wire

Through domestic wire transfers, you can receive your funds within 24 hours.

To accomplish this, you must furnish the sender with details shown below to begin domestic wire transfer through his or her financial institution.

  • Bank Name – Citibank
  • Routing Number – Locate the Routing Number for the branch where you opened your bank account
  • Address of Bank – San Antonio, TX
  • Creditor’s Name – Your name as it appears on your statement
  • Creditor’s Account Number – Your full Citibank account number

International Wire

Citibank customers can receive international funds after providing the following details to the sending financial institution:

  • Swift Code – CITIUS33
  • Routing Number – Locate the Routing Number for the branch where you opened your bank account
  • Bank Name – Citibank
  • City, State – San Antonio, TX
  • Customer’s Name – Your name as it appears on your statement
  • Customer’s Account Number – Your full Citibank account number

International wire transfers for funds in another currency other than the U.S. currency are processed at the prevailing foreign exchange rate at that time.

Wire Transfer Fees for Citibank

Below are the International and Domestic Wire Transfer Fees for Citibank:

International Wire Transfers – $15 for each incoming transaction and between $45 for each outgoing transaction.

Domestic Wire Transfers – $15 for each incoming transaction and $35 for each outgoing transaction.

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