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Service Credit Union Routing Numbers & Wire Transfer

    Service Credit Union is a full service financial institution that serves anyone who lives or works in New Hampshire, Cape Cod and all the U.S military branches and Department of Defense employees together with their families. It has over $2.9 billion in assets and a total of 52 branches (36 in US and 16 in US military bases in Germany).

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All financial institutions in the US have unique routing numbers that identify one from the other when making transactions.

Service Credit Union’s US routing number is 211489656.


Your Service Credit Union routing number can be found at the bottom of your check.

Below is a sample check that shows you where you can locate it on the check.



To make a wire transfer from your Service Credit Union account to another account at different Financial Institution, you can contact Service Credit Union customer care anytime.

Although Service Credit Union doesn’t directly participate in the SWIFT network, wire transfers from abroad can still be received through its BIC code SCRUDE51.

The funds received are in euro before they are converted to US Dollars prior to crediting your account.

To receive domestic wire transfers in USD, use Service Credit Union routing number.

The sending International Financial Institution requires an intermediary bank in the United States for international wires to be successful.

Domestic Wire

Domestic wire transfers into Service Credit Union is possible once the sender receives the necessary information shown below.

  • Bank Name – Service Credit Union
  • Routing Number – 211489656
  • Address of Bank – San Antonio, TX
  • Beneficiary’s Name – Your name as it appears in your statement
  • Beneficiary’s Account Number – Your full Service Credit Union account number

International Wire

International wire transfers into your Service Credit Union would be successful if the international financial institution has an intermediary bank in the US.

The following intermediary bank details are needed

  • Bank Name –
  • Swift Code –
  • Address –

In addition, include the following details then submit to the sender.

  • Beneficiary Bank – Service Credit Union
  • Routing Number – 211489656
  • Address of Bank – San Antonio, TX
  • Customer’s Name – Your name as it appears in your statement
  • Customer’s Account Number – Your full Service Credit Union account number

Wire Transfer Fees for Service Credit Union

Service Credit Union charges for each outgoing a wire transfer.

The Comprehensive fee breakdown is shown below

International Wire Transfers – $0 for each incoming transaction and $61 for each outgoing transaction.

Domestic Wire Transfers – $0 for each incoming transaction and $15 for each outgoing transaction.

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