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Space Coast Credit Union Routing Numbers & Wire Transfer

    Space Coast Credit Union got its charter in 1951 as Patrick Air Force Base Credit Union. Today, this institution serves over 290,000 members. It has branches in 58 locations across Florida’s east coast, from Flagler to Miami-Dade counties.

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In order to perform wire transfers in Space Coast Credit Union account, one must provide his or her branch routing number.

The Space Coast Credit Union routing number is 263177903.


It is easy to locate the Space Coast Credit Union routing number in your check.

See the image below to help you know where you can find it at the bottom of the check.

Check example


In the current changing technological world, wire transfer offers the fastest means of transferring funds into your Space Coast Credit Union account.

With Space Coast Credit Union account you are able to receive both Domestic Wire Transfers and International wire transfers.

SWIFT Code is required if you want to receive any international wire transfer.

The wire transfer process can be initiated if the sending financial institution has your bank account information.

For Space Coast Credit Union account owners, the wire transfer can be done remotely or by visiting to your local branch.

Domestic Wire

With the Space Coast Credit Union, the wire transfer can run through Fedwire System or Clearing House Interbank Payments System which normally take 24 hrs.

To receive fund through domestic wire transfer, you will have to provide the sending bank with your bank account information.

The information below is required:

  • Bank Name – Space Coast Credit Union
  • Routing Number – 263177903
  • Address of Bank – Melbourne, FL
  • Beneficiary’s Name – Your name
  • Beneficiary’s Account Number – Your Full Account number

International Wire

With Space Coast Credit Union, you can as well receive international wire transfers after providing your bank account information to the sending bank.

This is possible through an international intermediary.

Please Contact Customer care at 321-752-2222 or 800-447-7228 to request intermediary bank details for international wire transfers.

After receiving the intermediary bank details, include the required information shown below:

  • Beneficiary Bank Name – Space Coast Credit Union
  • Routing Number – 263177903
  • Address of Bank – Melbourne, FL
  • Customer’s Name – Your name
  • Customer’s Account Number – Your Full Account number

Wire Transfer Fees for Space Coast Credit Union

Space Coast Credit Union charges for International and Local wire transfers differ depending on the type of the transaction:

See detailed fee breakdown:

International Wire Transfers – $10 for each incoming transaction plus intermediary bank fees and $35 for each outgoing transaction plus intermediary bank fee.

Domestic Wire Transfers – $10 for each incoming transaction and $15 for each outgoing transaction.

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