South Dakota Banks: List of Banks Headquartered in South Dakota


Note: There might be other banks in South Dakota, this page contains only banks which their headquarters or main offices are based in South Dakota.

Bank (Login Tutorial) Phone Number Routing Number Year Founded
1st Financial Bank USA 1-800-733-1732 091404466 1910
Andes State Bank 1-877-487-7611 091409458 1962
BankStar Financial 605-692-3636 091408514 1926
Citi Bank 1-800-374-9700 321171184 1812
CorTrust Bank 1-888-883-9826 091406930 1930
Dacotah Bank 888-322-6824 091210469 1955
First Bank & Trust | BankEASY 800.843.1552 091201818 1880
First Dakota National Bank 1-800-486-4712 091400486 1872
First Premier Bank 800-501-6535 091408598 1914
Great Western Bank 1-800-952-2043 091409597 1935
One American Bank 605-361-1010 091401553 1883
Pioneer Bank & Trust 605-717-2265 091408763 1937
Plains Commerce Bank 800-388-8800 091400554 1931
Quoin Financial Bank 605-853-2473 091401142 1938
TCF Bank 1-800-823-2265 272471548 1923

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About South Dakota...

The only state and its capital to never share a letter between them occurred when Pierre, South Dakota was brought into existence.

The home of the largest scientific dig to date took place in South Dakota.

Here they came upon a huge death site with bones being found to belong to a camel the size of a dog, a horse with three toes, a saber tooth cat, and many other fossils that date 50 million years old. It is this site that has the state often referred to as the Playground of the Dinosaurs.

Getting to take a trip to the infamous Sturgis Motorcycle Rally will bring you to South Dakota for an entire week of two-wheeled adventures.

Information about South Dakota

State Abbreviation SD
Statehood November 2, 1889
State Capital Pierre
Number of Counties 66
State Population 858,469
State Population Density 11.3 (People / Square mile)
State Motto Under God the people rule
State Flower American pasqueflower
State Tree Black Hills spruce
State Bird Ring-necked Pheasant
State Nickname Mount Rushmore State, Coyote State
State Area Codes 605

Quick Facts

  • The geographical center of the United States in here in South Dakota.
  • South Dakota is the home to the Mashed Potato Wrestling contest.
  • The building of Mt. Rushmore here in South Dakota took 14 years and more than one million dollars.
  • South Dakota is known as the place in which Jack McCall was tried, convicted, and hung for the shooting of Wild Bill Hickok.
South Dakota Flag State Flag
South Dakota Map State Map

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