Ameris Bank Headquarters Information

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Ameris Bank is the banking subsidiary of Ameris Bancorp, a holding company that has its headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida. The bank offers both commercial and retail services to people in:

  • Florida
  • Tennessee
  • Georgia
  • South Carolina
  • Alabama

Ameris Bancorp became incorporated in 1980 when it was created to be the bank’s holding company. At that time, it was known as ABC Holding Company and the bank was known as American Banking Company.

By the end of 2017, the bank’s assets had grown to almost $8 billion in value. The bank also provides employment to approximately 1300 people (as of 2015).

Brief History of Ameris Bank

The history of Ameris Bank only goes back to 1971 when the company was founded. In the beginning, the bank had only one location, in Moultrie, and it’s starting capital was $1 million. Since then, the key moments of the bank were:

  • 1979: The bank made its first acquisition when it acquired Toney Brothers Bank which was located in Doerun,Georgia
  • 1980: ABC Holding Company, which was to be the bank’s holding company was formed and incorporated
  • 1985 – 86: The bank’s expansion in Georgia continued as it acquired 3 more financial institutions.
  • 1986: ABC Holding Company was renamed ABC Bancorp
  • 1987: The first public stock offering was carried out by ABC Bancorp
  • 1990s: The bank expanded its reach within Georgia as it acquired 7 other financial institutions.
  • 1994: The bank holding company started to be traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange
  • 1996: The bank made its first move out of state as it expanded into Alabama following an acquisition
  • 2000s: The bank continued to grow within Georgia and into other states. In 2001, the bank entered Florida by acquiring two institutions. In the same year, it also acquired one institution in Georgia. The company would acquire a total of 9 institutions by the end of 2010.
  • 2005: ABC Bancorp changed its name to Ameris Bancorp.
  • 2006: All Banks held by Ameris Bancorp started to operate under one charter and were all rebranded Ameris Bank.
  • 2006: The bank moves into South Carolina
  • 2010s: The bank continues to expand in the Southeast, participating in acquisitions, mergers etc.

Ameris Bank Headquarters

Ameris Bank’s headquarters are located in Riverplace Tower in Jacksonville, Florida. The building has 28 floors and is located on St. Johns River’s south bank.

For many years, this building was a key landmark in the skyline of Jacksonville. Standing at 432 feet, it was the tallest building in the state of Florida. Initially, the tower was known as Gulf Life Tower.

When the building was first completed by The Auchter Company in 1966, it was intended for the Gulf Life Insurance Company. At the time of its completion, there was no taller precast, post-tensioned concrete structure in the whole world.

The tower would remain the state’s tallest building until 1972 and the city’s tallest until 1974. As of 2007, the building was still the 5th tallest in the city. The building underwent a renovation that cost millions of dollars in the 90s.


Ameris Bank Headquarters Address

1301 Riverplace Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32207, USA

Ameris Bank headquarters address

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