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Astoria Bank Headquarters Information

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Astoria Bank was the primary subsidiary of Astoria Financial Corporation which was based in Lake Success in New York State. The Latter was a bank holding company.

On October of 2017, the acquisition of Astoria Financial Corporation by Sterling Bancorp was completed. As a result of the acquisition, Sterling National Bank, the principal subsidiary of Sterling Bancorp now has assets valued at $30.48 billion. Total deposits, by the end of 2017, stood at $20.5 billion.

Prior to the acquisition, Astoria Financial Corporation’s assets were valued at around $14.56 billion. The bank was also employing 1,328 people at its various branches.

The banks services were available in the New York metropolitan area.

History of Astoria Bank and Sterling Bancorp

Astoria Bank’s history started in 1888 when it was first chartered by the state of New York. In 1936, it changed its name to Astoria Savings & Loan.

In 1937, the bank changed to Astoria Federal Savings & Loan Association after receiving a federal charter.

In 1993, Astoria Financial Corporation was formed as the bank changed to a joint-stock company. In the next few years, there would be several major acquisitions made by the bank including:

  • Fidelity New York Savings Bank – $160 million (cash)
  • Greater New York Savings Bank – $293 million (cash plus stock)
  • Long Island Savings Bank – $1.8 billion

The bank was acquired by Sterling Bancorp in 2017.

Coincidentally, Sterling Bancorp also traces its history back to 1888 when it was established as Provident Bank. Later, Provident New York Bancorp was formed and the bank became a subsidiary of this company.

Provident Bank would change its name several times over its lifetime before changing its name to Sterling National Bank in 2013.

Before Sterling Bancorp acquired Astoria, it would acquire a number of other financial institutions including:

  • The National Bank of Florida in Florida, New York
  • Ellenville National Bank, Ellenville, NY
  • Warwick Savings Bank, Warwick, NY
  • Gotham Bank of New York
  • Provident Municipal Bank, Montebello, NY etc.

To enable it to offer more diverse products and services, the bank also acquired smaller institutions including a payroll financing business known as Damian Services Corp.

Last Headquarters of Astoria Bank

The last building to be used as the main offices of Astoria bank is located at 37-16 30th Avenue Astoria, NY. This 3-story building made from reinforced concrete is located in the Queens area of New York.

The building has 30,880 square feet of space inside. 25,230 square feet serves as office space while the rest of area is used for other purposes.

Construction of this building was completed in 1951. It has undergone renovations since then, most recently in 1996. The building now serves as branch of Sterling National Bank.

Headquarters of Sterling National Bank

The main offices of Sterling Bancorp are located at 400 Rella Blvd in Montebello, New York. This building was completed back in 1988 and has 193,375 square feet of available space.

The building is known as Montebello Center and there are various amenities available within and in close proximity to the building.

Astoria Bank Headquarters Address

400 Rella Blvd, Montebello, NY 10901, USA

Astoria Bank headquarters address

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