Capital City Bank Headquarters Information

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Capital City Bank is a bank that’s held by Capital City Bank Group, Inc. which is one of the largest publicly traded holding companies that is based in Florida.

The key statistics about the bank at the moment are:

  • The bank has assets valued at around $2.8 billion
  • The bank has 60 bank branches
  • The bank has 74 ATMs
  • Capital City Bank branches are located in 3 states; Florida, Alabama and Georgia
  • Deposits to the bank have now exceeded $2.2 billion

Capital City Bank Group also has a number of other subsidiaries. These are:

  1. Capital City Trust Company: This is the bank’s investment management division. It provides asset management for people through various means including IRAs, personal trust etc.
  2. Capital City Banc Investments, Inc.: This subsidiary is used to provide retail investment products via INVEST Financial Corporation.
  3. Capital City Services Company: This subsidiary offers data processing services to other financial institutions, commercial clients and government agencies in South Georgia and North Florida.

History of Capital City Bank

Capital City Bank was established in the 1880s by George W. Saxon. When the bank started off, it was providing loans to farmers. The key events since then were:

  • 1895: Capital City Bank received a state charter and in a few months had $41,000 in deposits and resources valued at $84,000.
  • 1917: The bank gave the city of Tallahassee a loan of $10,000 and established itself as a community bank
  • 1925: The bank’s assets rose past the $1 million mark even as 18 other banks in the state failed. It would later survive the Great Depression that would come after the 1929 collapse.
  • 1940: Godfrey Smith became the president of the newly formed Industrial bank. The bank was temporarily closed when Godfrey Smith went off to fight in the Second World War.
  • 1963: The bank continued its growth and changed its name to Capital City First National Bank in 1963.
  • 1967: The bank was granted another charter and started Capital City Second National Bank
  • 1975: Plans started for the creation of Capital City Bank Group. It would be formed in 1975 and it brought together the local banks.
  • 1980: Capital City Bank Group comprised of 13 banks and it had 17 branch offices and 8 Bank N’ Shop locations.
  • 1982: The first ATMs were installed at First National, Second National and City National
  • 1995: All the banks owned by Capital City Bank Group took on the Capital City Bank name.

Headquarters of Capital City Bank

The headquarters of Capital City Bank Group and Capital City Bank are located at 217 North Monroe Street in Tallahassee, Florida. The bank has been at this location since 1996.

Capital City Bank Operations

Capital city bank offers retail and business banking products and services in the communities that it operates in. Customers can open a variety of accounts, apply for loans, get credit cards etc.

The bank also offers investment solutions to businesses and individuals through its subsidiaries, Capital City Investments and Capital City Trust

Capital City Bank Headquarters Address

217 N Monroe St, Tallahassee, FL 32301, USA

Capital City Bank headquarters address

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