Fidelity Bank Headquarters Information

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Fidelity bank is banking institution that’s headquartered in Wichita, Kansas. It’s the 2nd largest financial institution found in the city that’s locally owned. The bank is also having a rising presence in the City of Oklahoma and in Overland Park.

Today, the bank has assets that exceed $1 billion in value. It also provides employment to more than 400 people.

The bank has 13 locations in Derby and Wichita from which it offers its retail banking products and services. Six of these branches have been opened between 2004 and today in the Oklahoma City area. In 2004, the bank was also voted the best place to work in Wichita.

History of Fidelity Bank

The history of this bank goes back to 1905 when the Fidelity Investment Company was established in Wichita. At that time, the institution was serving as a mortgage lender.

Homer Bastian realized that there was a lot of potential for growth in Wichita and left the Federal Housing Administration and bought one-half interest in the investment company. His son would join him at Fidelity after the end of the Second World War.

In 1947, the father and son duo purchased the remaining stock in the company. They would use their experience in government loans to help meet the demand for housing loans that went up at the end of the war.

In 1975, the Fidelity companies acquired Air Capital Savings, the predecessor of Fidelity Bank. At that time, it was a savings and loan association with $32 million worth of assets.

For the next 2 decades, the institution operated as a thrift institution called Fidelity Savings Association of Kansas. This would be a period of marked growth for the company.

As the company stepped into the 80s, it was clear that they had outgrown their headquarters located at 229 South Market Street, Wichita. The building constructed a 5 story office building in 1986 at English and Market Streets. This was still in the heart of the city.

In 1993, Fidelity Savings Association of Kansas was rebranded and was no Fidelity Savings Association of Kansas FSB. It also changed to a Federal Savings Bank from a Savings and Loan Association.

In 1996 the bank would once again be rebranded to Fidelity Savings Bank before it was finally renamed one last time to Fidelity Bank one year later.

Fidelity Bank Headquarters

The current headquarters of Fidelity Bank are located at 100 East English Street in Wichita. The building is known as Fidelity Building.

It was also known as Fidelity Savings Association of Kansas. This was the name of the bank at the time the building was completed in 1986.

The building has 5 stories which rise up to 65.68 feet. It cost the bank around $6 million to put up the building. The building has served as the bank’s corporate headquarters since the time it was completed.

The building has undergone renovations in recent times to comply with regulations and also to improve on its brand. The Lobby was recently remodeled.

Fidelity Bank Headquarters Address

100 E English St, Wichita, KS 67202, USA

Fidelity Bank headquarters address

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