First Hawaiian Bank Headquarters Information

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First Hawaiian Bank is the main subsidiary of First Hawaiian, Inc. The latter is a bank holding company that’s headquartered in Honolulu in the state of Hawaii.

The bank is the oldest in the city of Honolulu and is also the largest financial institution in the entire state. It currently has assets valued at more than $20 billion and it’s been listed in the Nasdaq stock exchange since August 2016.

The bank has 57 branches throughout its state and it also have three branches in Guam and two more in Saipan. The bank provides employment to around 2,250 people.

History of First Hawaiian Bank

First Hawaiian Bank was established in 1858 by Charles Reed Bishop. He had immigrated from upstate New York. Together with William Aldrich, they opened Bishop & Co. The bank operated in a room in the basement of Makee & Anthon’s Building which was located on Kaahumanu Street.

At that time, Honolulu was still a frontier town and the downtown portion only had one and two-story buildings that were surrounded by thatched houses. The local port was thriving due to the whaling industry and Bishop realized a local bank was needed.

The bank took in $4,784.25 in deposits on the day that it opened.

Twenty years later (1878), the bank had outgrown its office in the basement and moved to a 2-story building that was located at the corner of Kaahumanu and Merchant Streets. The building is still there today where it operates as a law office.

In 1895, Bishop & Co. was bought by Samuel M. Damon. Some of the key events that followed since then include:

  • 1910: The bank’s assets reached $4.8 million and it also opened its first branch in Hilo.
  • 1911: The bank opened its first branch on Kauai
  • 1919: The bank was incorporated as Bank of Bishop & Co. Ltd.
  • 1925: The bank moved into its new headquarters at the corner of Bishop and King Streets. The building was built at a cost of $750,000 and was named after Damon. The bank assets were valued at $22 million
  • 1933: Bank’s name was changed to Bishop National Bank of Hawaii at Honolulu
  • 1956: Name changed to Bishop National Bank of Hawaii
  • 1960: The bank’s name was changed to First National Bank of Hawaii. Deposits stood at $262 million.
  • 1969: The bank’s name was changed to First Hawaiian Bank
  • 1976: Deposits surpass $1 billion mark
  • 1982: Deposits surpass $2 billion mark

First Hawaiian Bank Headquarters

The headquarters of First Hawaiian Bank are located in First Hawaiian Center. This is the tallest building in Hawai’i. The tower is a key landmark in the city due to its unmissable presence in downtown Honolulu.

The building is located at 999 Bishop Street. The building has striking features such as:

  • An open plaza
  • Park space
  • Waterways

These features take up 24,000 square feet.

Construction of the building commenced in 1993 and was completed in 1996. The building is said to have cost $175 million and stands at 429 feet high. It has 30 floors to the top.

First Hawaiian Bank Headquarters Address

999 Bishop St, Honolulu, HI 96813, USA

First Hawaiian Bank headquarters address

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