Fulton Bank Headquarters Information

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Fulton Bank is the main subsidiary and namesake of Fulton Financial Corporation which is a regional holding company for institutions offering financial services.

The parent organization, Fulton Financial Corporation, has assets that are estimated to be worth more than $20 billion. Many of these assets are managed by its 6 banking subsidiaries:

  • Fulton Bank
  • FNB Bank
  • Swineford National Bank
  • Lafayette Ambassador Bank
  • Fulton Bank of New Jersey
  • The Columbia Bank

In total, the six banking subsidiaries of Fulton Financial have 249 banking offices which are located in:

  • Pennsylvania
  • Delaware
  • Virginia
  • Maryland
  • New Jersey

By 2017, Fulton Financial Corporation was providing employment to approximately 3,500 people. The bank is publicly held and traded in the NASDAQ under the symbol FULT.

History of Fulton Bank

The story of Fulton Bank started in 1882 when it was established in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The bank was started as Fulton National Bank by a number of local farmers and merchants.

The name of the bank was chosen in honor of Robert Fulton. Robert Fulton was a Lancaster native who was an artist and inventor who is remembered as having designed and built the Clermont, the first steamboat that worked.

Right from the start, the financial institution showed an excellent talent for handling business and agricultural accounts. The conservative way in which the bank was managed would play a key role in ensuring that the bank survived through periods of financial turmoil e.g. the Great Depression.

Fulton Bank would go on to become the largest bank in the county of Lancaster as it started acquiring other local financial institutions in 1948. The bank had to expand its corporate headquarters several times due to the continuous growth.

When the 70s and 80s rolled in, the bank decided to make retail customers, once again, the focus of its attention. The bank made a number of improvements to this effect including:

  • Installing 24-hour ATMs
  • Introducing pay-by-phone services
  • Launching credit programs that targeted consumers
  • Increasing their business hours etc.

The bank holding company, Fulton Financial Corporation, was formed in 1982 as the bank was celebrating 100 years of existence. This made the bank a wholly owned subsidiary.

Fulton Bank Headquarters

The headquarters of Fulton Bank are located in Lancaster, PA at 1 Penn Square. The building is a 6-story bank complex in Downtown Lancaster.

The building was originally completed in 1929 but has undergone several expansions and renovations since then. These changes were as a result of the banks increasing capacity and also a need to modernize the facilities.

Some of the recent renovations included adding a steel framed addition to the building which increased the building’s floor space by 190,000 square feet and also added parking spaces under the building.

In 2017, the bank restarted a project that’s supposed to, yet again, increase the floor space of their facilities in the area. The project is expected to increase the number of workspaces by 400. It’s also supposed to create retail space downstairs. This is a continuation of the renovations that started in 2010 before being paused in 2013.

Fulton Bank Headquarters Address

1 Penn Square, Lancaster, PA 17602, USA

Fulton Bank headquarters address

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