IberiaBank Headquarters Information

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IberiaBank is a subsidiary of IberiaBank Corporation. The corporation is a holding company with its main offices in Lafayette in Louisiana.

IberiaBank is the largest bank in the state. It has 216 branches, 30 title insurance offices in Louisiana and Arkansas and mortgage representatives in 10 U.S. states. The banking branches of the bank are located in:

  • Louisiana
  • Tennessee
  • Arkansas
  • Florida
  • Texas
  • South Carolina
  • Georgia

The company also has a wealth management division, Iberia Wealth Advisors. They operate in four states.

The bank is traded in the NASDAQ where it uses the symbol IBKC. It’s also a Russell 2000 Component. In 2017, the bank’s assets were valued at $21.79 billion. The bank was also the employer of more than 3000 people by 2016.

History of IberiaBank

Iberia bank began its operations in 1887 in a place known as New Iberia in Louisiana. It was then known as Iberia Building Association and it operated as a savings and loan association. The name came from the name Spanish settlers had given to the area when they settled on it, naming it after the Iberian Peninsula.

At the time the bank was founded, there were 3000 people living in the area, majority of whom were farmers. The population and economy would pick up later after the discovery of oil reserves.

In the first 100 years, the bank mainly took deposits and provided mortgages to those living in the area.

In 1956, the institution changed its name to Iberia Savings & Loan (SLA). This meant that it couldn’t lend money to business. This protected it from the oil crisis that affected many of Louisiana’s commercial banks in the 80s.

The bank absorbed some of the institutions that were struggling following the relaxation of rules. It opened new branches in Franklin and Morgan City, LA. This was the first time the bank moved outside the Iberia Parish.

In 1988, the bank changed to Iberia Savings Bank and in 89, it moved into Lafayette after acquiring Acadia Savings and Loan. The bank would become a state chartered commercial bank in the 90s and issued an IPO in 1995.

The bank suffered losses as a result of Hurricane Katrina and this led to expansion of the bank beyond Louisiana’s borders as the bank sought to minimize its risks. The bank would further grow by acquiring the assets of banks that had failed after the 2008 financial crisis.

Headquarters of IberiaBank

The main offices of IberiaBank are located at 200 West Congress Street. The 148.72 feet tall building is known as Iberia Bank Building. Initially, it was known as Guaranty Bank Building.

The building was constructed between 1967 and 1969 and has 12 floors above ground. The building is located at the heart of downtown Lafayette.

The grey colored building features a mostly glass façade and has 144,260 square feet of rentable space inside.

The building is in close proximity to many places in Downtown Lafayette including restaurants. The shared spaces inside the building include conference rooms and a break room.

IberiaBank Headquarters Address

200 W Congress St, Lafayette, LA 70501, USA

IberiaBank headquarters address

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