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Premier Bank Headquarters Information

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Premier Bank is a subsidiary of the multi-bank holding company Premier Financial Bancorp, Inc. Premier Bank was formed in 2011.

Apart from Premier Bank, the other banking subsidiary of Premier Financial Bancorp, Inc. is Citizens Deposit Bank and Trust, Inc. which is located in Vanceburg, Kentucky.

The bank holding company, Premier Financial Bancorp, Inc. was formed in 1991. It currently has assets that were valued at 1.49 billion by the end of 2017. The company is traded in the NASDAQ Stock Exchange where it uses the ticker symbol PFBI.

The company is based in Huntington in West Virginia.

Premier Bank Operations

Premier Financial offers various banking and lending products and services in several states. These are:

  • Kentucky
  • Ohio
  • West Virginia
  • Washington Dc
  • Maryland
  • Virginia

The highest number of the company’s banking offices can be found in West Virginia (31). In Kentucky, the company has nine branches, five in Ohio, four in DC, four in Virginia and one in Maryland.

The Bank’s subsidiary, Premier Bank offers personal and business banking services. Individual customers of the bank are able to:

  • Open checking and savings accounts
  • Apply for debit and credit cards
  • Get a variety of loans including personal loans, residential real estate loans, construction loans and home equity lines of credit.

Business clients of the bank are able to access a number of services as well including:

  • Opening Business checking and savings accounts
  • Access treasury management services
  • Access merchant services
  • Get business loans including lines of credit, commercial real estate loans, lines of credit and small business administration loans.

Premier Bank Headquarters

The main offices of Premier Bank are located at 2883 Fifth Avenue in Huntington, WV. The building is one story with grade level parking.

The exterior of the bank is of the masonry type. There are no transactions permitted at this location which is only used by the bank for administrative purposes.

This is also the headquarters of the bank holding company.

Brief History of Premier Financial Bancorp, Inc.

The history of premier bank only goes back to 1991. However, the bank has managed to accumulate a lot of assets in that short amount of time.

In 2010, the bank filed an application to merge two banks in West Virginia that it owned with two subsidiary banks that it had gotten by acquiring Abigail Adams National Bancorp. The two banks that it previously owned were:

  • First Central Bank
  • Traders Bank

The two banks that it had gotten from the acquisition were:

  • Adams National Bank
  • Consolidated Bank & Trust

These four banks were being merged with and into a fifth bank called Boone County Bank. This was yet another financial institution that was based and chartered in West Virginia.

In Q1 of 2011, Premier Financial Bancorp, Inc. received the go-ahead from the various regulatory bodies at the state and federal level to proceed with the merger.

On the April 8th 2011, the five banks merged into one and that marked the formation of Premier Bank, Inc. The five banks would form five divisions in the new bank.



Premier Bank Headquarters Address

2883 5th Ave, Huntington, WV 25702, USA

Premier Bank headquarters address

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