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Regions Bank is the banking subsidiary of the Regions Financial Corporation. Regions Financial Corporation operates as a bank and a financial services company. It’s the 33rd largest bank in the U.S. at the moment.

Regions Bank offers its services in 15 states in the South and Midwest. It has 1906 ATMs and 1527 branches.

Regions Financial Corporation is Fortune 500’s only member whose headquarters is in Alabama. In 2017, it was ranched No. 436 on the list.

Most Recent Status

  • Regions Bank is the largest deposit holder in Alabama and Tennessee, accounting for 22.58% and 14.1% respectively of the total deposits.
  • Regions Bank also holds significant portions of the total deposits in the states of Arkansas (7.5%), Louisiana (7.6%), Mississippi (13.8%) and Florida (4.2%).
  • The banks total assets are currently valued at $123 billion
  • The bank is a member of the S&P 500 Index

Brief History

Regions Financial Corporation came into being in 1971 when three banks from Alabama Merged:

  • First National Bank of Montgomery (1871)
  • Exchange Security Bank of Birmingham, Alabama (1928)
  • First National Bank of Huntsville, Alabama (1856)

When it was founded, the bank was known as the First Alabama Bancshares. The banks did continue to operate independently until 1985 when the merger was finally formalized.

Regions Center (Birmingham): The Headquarters

Regions Center is 30-story office building in Birmingham that currently serves as the corporate headquarters of Regions Financial Corporation. The office tower in 390 feet tall and is located on the corner of 20th Street and 5th Avenue North.

The building was completed in 1972 and is more commonly known as the AmSouth-Sonat Tower. This is because it initially served as the headquarters of both Amsouth Bancorporation and Sonat, Inc. from the time it was completed until the late 2000s.

The building’s name would change to AmSouth Center after Sonat sold its stake to AmSouth in 2002. In Late 2006 though, AmSouth merged with Regions and both the name of the building and the logo displayed were changed to that of Regions.

The lighting in the building is changed during the Christmas season to depict various holiday themed items. This is also done in May before the Regions Tradition tournament of the PGA Tour.

Services Offered

Like most banks, Regions offers services to three main classes of customers i.e.:

  • Individuals
  • Small businesses
  • Large companies

The company also has a special division that focuses on wealth management.

Individual customers have many financial products that they can take advantage of depending on their needs. These include:

  • Checking accounts
  • Savings accounts
  • Certificates of deposit
  • Protection services
  • Car buying services
  • IRAs
  • Tax payment services
  • Safety deposit boxes etc.

The customers can also make use of various loans and lines of credit including mortgages, car loans, credit cards and student loans.

Small businesses can take advantage of banking products that suit their size and needs such as business savings and checking accounts.

Regions also offers cash and asset management services, insurance and industry expertise to large corporate clients. These are in addition to the regular services.

Regions Bank Headquarters Address

1900 5th Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35203

Regions Bank headquarters address

5 reviews

  1. Ericka Alexander

    I want my money.

    They stole money from my account.

  2. Ernest Dale Willis


    I placed a stop payment on a check that i issued on November the third. This stop payment was noted and I was charged however the check showing as pending at the time of the issuance the payment was completed. After many attempts and contacts with the with the manager at the Oak Grove Louisiana branch I was told that they had no idea where the money was deposited and I should pursue civil action to recoup my resources. I eventually I did this. In discovery I found that if fact the check was deposited in that very bank. I feel that I was deceived and mislead about my rights to stop payment on ill gotten funds. This was done thru neglect or deliberate falsification of facts. This caused me a loss of the use of $1000 per months and my due process by your bank manager. In spite of following all your managers suggestions and filing several forms I got a total of no results and was mislead during the entire process. This helps me to understand why your bank gets so much negative feedback. Like your other customers I have more than 20 years with your bank and now I feel cheated and lied to about your ability to help me.

    Ernest Dale Willis
    Acct #4208517886
    2375 Hwy 17
    Pioneer, La 71226

  3. Ledell Johnson - Jackson, MS

    Lost Trust in Region Banking

    I have been with Regions for over 10 years and my husband has been with Regions since it was Deposit Guaranty Bank. I had a issue with my mobile app called in to Region June 20th was told they would issue a ticket and call me back as soon as the problem was corrected. I never heard anything. I have made several calls regarding this issue. I explained to All representatives including your management the IMPORTANCE of having my mobile application working. So finally this past Saturday July 9th i was told my ticket was put in a basket with others which I must admit really pissed me off. So I have decided to move my services to another bank. A bank that will possibly treat their customers like they matter. I need my mobile app to lock when I need to and also to check on fraudulent charges.

  4. Eva Kuhn

    Holds length on a certified check

    I have been banking with Regions Bank for over 40 years and on Thursday April the 29th I deposit a certified check that I was told would have a hold on it for a week I tried to explain a certified check to this employee and that I do not understand why the certified check would have a clearance time of that length she informed me that it was in the system and that there was no way to override it I have followed up with a call today which is May 4th and it is still on hold trying to explain again a certified check has funds put aside from the account into the bank’s internal account that money is there as far as I’m concerned Regions Bank has been holding my money for now 5 days without allowing me to have access to it. If this is the way they treat their long time customers I can certainly move to another bank and start over again. This situation came from the Regions Bank in Lake St Louis Missouri.

  5. Jean White - New Smyrna Beach

    Lost Trust In Region Banking

    I have been trying for SEVERAL MONTHS to get all my accounts in Regions Bank moved to my TRUST. It just is not happening. So far – I have NOTHING in printed form that even shows that I have in any way processed this action. I have called numerous times and keep getting EXCUSES WHY. I have several other accounts in other establishments and it took only weeks. My lawyer is ready to handle it for me. At the same time – my partner has several auto pays with Region. He suddenly is getting notices of PASS DUE FEES because payments were not made. He has been force to move these to another more reliable banking. What is happening at the EDGEWATER, FLORIDA bank?


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