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If you currently have credit cards from brands such as Amazon, Walmart, J.C. Penney and other companies that aren’t actually banking institutions, there’s a good chance you’re one of Synchrony Bank’s customers.

Synchrony Bank is a subsidiary of Synchrony Financial which uses the bank to provider a wide variety of consumer financing products.

Synchrony Financial is currently known as the largest issuer of private label credit cards in the country. In 2014, it had 42% of the private label credit card market. Apart from the above three, other brands you’ll see printed on Synchrony Banks credit cards include:

  • Cathay Pacific
  • Lowe’s
  • Gap
  • Ashley Homestores
  • B.P.
  • C. Richard & Son
  • Guitar Center and
  • Discount Tire

Synchrony Financial is also the bank behind the CareCredit credit card which is designed to cover various medical procedures such as dental, cosmetic, vision, veterinary and audiology services.

Before going public in 2014, Synchrony as a whole was a subsidiary of GE Capital. GE Capital is General Electric’s financial services unit.

Synchrony Bank Headquarters

The headquarter of Synchrony Bank is located in Stamford Connecticut at 777 Long Ridge Road. This building is next to the Rippowam River. It’s a Class A office building.

The complex was constructed in 1981. It’s made up of three buildings, each 4-stories high. The building has beautiful natural surroundings and has a total of 314,192 square feet.

Amenities available at the site include a cafeteria and a courtyard with picnic benches and tables.

Available Products

Some of the main products available from Synchrony Bank are:

  • Certificates of Deposit
  • Money Markets
  • High Yield Savings
  • IRA Money Markets etc.

Synchrony Bank entices most of its customers by providing enhanced levels of customer service and financial protection. For example, it’s online and mobile security features round-the-clock monitoring in addition to firewalls. Additionally, there is much you can do from your smart device including:

  • Opening an account
  • Getting an account summary
  • Checking account activity
  • Getting your customer information
  • Ordering deposit slips and checks
  • Transfer funds etc.

According to Synchrony Bank, some of the advantages of saving with them include:

  • Better rates
  • No monthly service fees
  • Services to resolve cases of identity theft at no charge
  • Discounts on travel and leisure products starting at the Silver tier
  • ATM fee reimbursement

Customers at the Diamond level will get extra perks such as:

  • Unlimited ATM reimbursements
  • A dedicated customer service number
  • Three free wire transfers in each payment cycle
  • Access to the bank’s webinar

Award winning Performance

Synchrony Bank has received multiple awards in the banking sector. Some of these include:

  • Top Tier 100 Highest Yields from for its certificates of deposit in 2016 and 2017
  • Best Savings Account Award (2017) from
  • Best 1-year CD for 2016 from Money Magazine
  • Best Money Market Account Award for 2016 from NerdWallet

Some of the awards received by the bank have also been in recognition of its innovation efforts. In 2015, thanks to its mobile user experience, the bank came 1st in the list of 100 top business technology innovators prepared by CIO 100 Awards.


Synchrony Bank Headquarters Address

170 West Election Road, Suite 125, Draper, Utah

Synchrony Bank headquarters address

17 reviews

  1. A very dissatisfied JCPennys customer

    Stay away from this bank

    This bank has a huge communication problem. One area of the bank has no idea what the other is doing. They put a payment to my account into my husbands and promptly charged me late fees and interest. I have made multiple calls, written many email, and physical letters and documentation which has caused me a lot of time, effort and frustration. Phone customer service people have incorrect information. After 2 months of trying to sort this out, they are still getting this wrong.

  2. Pissed

    They are the worst. I went to Rooms to go and got a credit card. My limit was 1800. I ended up having to up my limit and they gave me 2600. I spent 2100. Been paying so at one point it said I had 800 credit limit to spend. I haven’t been using just paying. I go to pay and it tells me I have 178.00 credit to spend. What??? I called and rep told me they took away my 2600 credit limit. I have never heard of this before. They give you a credit limit then they take it away. Once I finish paying this card off Synchony bank doesn’t have to worry about me anymore. Not doing business with these people again.

  3. Teresa L Cataldo

    You might want to read this, Synchrony

    This is the problem, I received a charge on my TJX rewards credit card, the card is issued / managed by Synchrony Bank. The charge has this description VONS.COM #2115 phone # 1-619-428-3302, made on 4/22/21.

    1) I went to VONS.COM, it appears as if this is a grocery store with locations in CA and NV, I also tried to call the 619 phone # 2 times. This is how that went, Answer, went through recorded message, press 1 if you want blah, blah all the way through 9 blah blah, I wanted customer service, so I pressed 8 each time, it rang, then a recorded message came on telling me how busy VONS associates were, and put me on hold with music, after about 1 minute, the music stops because the call ends spontaneously. I gave this up after the 2nd attempt. I live in Virginia Beach, VA and have not been out of state since 10/2020.

    2) I logged into my current and only account with TJX ending in 3322, my balance said $0, which made sense because the only place I use my TJX card is TJ Maxx or Marshalls. So I started my first chat with – Sydney “intelligent virtual agent” who couldn’t help me, big surprise, that chat went to a live agent, I told him my issue, he asked me if that was charge was made on the account ending in 3322, when I looked closer at my statement I realized the statement was for an account ending in 2144. Well on-line I could see a little box to press if I wanted to switch to account ending in 2144. I had never noticed this, prior to this conversation with “a live agent”. I pressed it, but in order to get into the account I had to provide them with information that I did not know. My assumption is that this is an old account, that I closed ~ 2011. I have had an issue with a prior account and had conversations with an “account specialist” several years ago who I made aware of the circumstances surrounding that account and requested it be closed again. I have legal documentation from 2011 concerning this account, and I have written documentation, with respect to who and what was said to that account specialist.

    I like documenting stuff. I am a professional older female with years of experience managing associates that answer the initial calls we make, in addition to dealing with these associates as a consumer. I have learned through my experience, as a Mgr and consumer, that within those “associates” there are a lot of lazy, uninvested human beings whose only interest is their paycheck, because you see their jobs are a dime a dozen. The turn around in call centers is quite high.

    During Chat #1 I was asked to call an “account specialist”. Oh, Joy! Here we go again.

    3) I dialed the number I was given 1-800-962-6133, (TJ Maxx?) while on hold waiting for an account specialist, this call ended spontaneously. No, I am not having an issue with my cell phone.

    4) Went back to chat with Synchrony again, now I start the documentation (I screenshot the chat content, with Jeli , who tried to be helpful, but in the end I was told to call customer service at 1-800-982-6879. This number is associated with Synchrony, which makes more sense.

    5) I dial the number last given by Jeli. At 4 minutes of listening to useless prompts, I am connected with a live human who’s tone of voice portrays the following picture, she’s is slouched in her chair, with her head tilted back, eyes closed, about to fall asleep (she literally yawns several times) she ask me my name as it appears on my credit card, I give her a brief description of the problem, I am put on hold before she even truly has enough information to assess whether or not she can assist, or really who she should transfer to if she can’t. I spoke with her about 45 seconds. That call lasted 23 minutes. You do the math. You know how it ended ? I held for 19 minutes (and at no time did this the yawning human being check in with me), I took screenshots of the call every 2 minutes. Then I took a screenshot of the length of the entire call. My phone is on speaker, I am watching the my phone screen taking shots, when, the call just ends. Thanks Synchrony. Your agent wasn’t clear spoken, it’s difficult to be when you’ve had a long day and your watching the clock for quitting time. So at the beginning of the call I didn’t pay much attention or ask her to repeat it because I actually wanted to be transferred to anyone else. However, you and I both know those incoming calls are recorded for quality purposes. That call was initiated at 16:10 on 6/14/2021, my area code is 757, and you’ll have my name once I hit submit.

    This is the only communication possibly making you aware of what is about to go down. I won’t be calling back to ask for the manager of the call center, been there done it. I gave you the oppotrunity when I first called about my previous account, and if the account that ends in 2144 that has this current charge on it, is that previous account, which I am pretty confident it is. You can see my lack of confidence in your ability.

    To the consumers before me who have posted several less than favorable comments, don’t bother asking for the manager, that associate can put the shithead sitting next to them on, you are not going to know the difference. The even play the game so well that they will put you on an extended hold first, because we all know managers are readily available.

    This is what you do:

    a) document, print documentation, and make ~ 20 copies of this documentation get any other supporting documentation relevant to your current issue, or that shows a history of Synchrony”s incompetence

    b) look up key people within Synchrony, get their contact information

    c) look up the business /managing entity that has given Synchrony their business, get the contact
    information of their key players

    d) get those packets together, mail them to ALL those key players, not just one of them don’t be lazy, it may cost you some $, you may even consider asking for a signature upon delivery, as proof of communication being received.
    Because in the end Synchrony wants your money, even if they are at fault, you must document, document, document and document ! The more documentation that the company that has entrusted Snychony to deliver their services to their customer base receives, they may reconsider dealing with Synchrony.


    TJ Maxx if the flagship chain of TJX companies and the headquarters is in Framington, MA.
    The names of some key people :
    Ernie Herrman, Chief Executive Officer and President
    Carol Meyrowitz, Executive Chairman of the Board
    Scott Goldberg, Sr Executive Vice President, CFO
    Mark Beyerly Sr Executive Vice President, CIO
    Ken Canestrari, Sr Executive Vice President, Group President
    Richard Sherr, Sr Executive Vice President, Group President
    Douglas Mizzi, Sr Executive Vice President, Group President

    Sincerely ,
    Terri Cataldo

  4. Denny Moore

    Synchrony Bank can eat a shit sandwich!

    This bank….Synchrony Bank is a criminal enterprise They will rob you, lie to you, cheat you, and lie some more. They never give a shit about who they rob or how it affects you, they rob because they know they can until YOU decide to go after them…REALLY go after them. They wexpect to not get caught!

  5. Margaret Andrews


    I requested to be removed as an authorized user from this account and was removed, however, I requested for a letter to show proof of this and a manager, Aspen added back on as an authorized user on Feb. 7th. I called to correct this and another manager, Troy said he could not correct the matter even though he saw the mistake. I called again to speak with another manger, name Tara and she said she will correct the matter and in the middle of speaking with her, she disconnects me. I can’t understand how a company could do such fraudulent business. I will I could review this a a negative zero.


    I wish someone would help me, but I have given up on Synchrony Bank. I have an account with PayPal. I am trying to pay off the balance. I paid them $425 August, 2020. At the time I made the payment, my bank was sold and my routing number changed, Paypal notified me. I immediately entered the new routing number and the payment went through. Next month it showed on Paypal statement the $425 payment, the recharge of $425, but not that I had corrected the information and they had received the payment. I called them. they said they would investigate. I went to my bank. They made copies proving that the money had been withdrawn. they faxed the documents to Paypal. NOVEMBER they credited the payment back while they investigate the problem. January, they took the credit off. I wrote a 2nd letter. I tried to use the online feature but they didn’t help either The bank faxed the documents again. I waited until 1st week of February and called again. was told they were not the correct dept and I needed to go online to resolve the problem. I talked to Synchrony and was treated rudely and not helped at all. The company still has my $425 payment but will not credit the amount as a payment, and I cannot get anyone to assist me. I don’t know how to resolve the problem but I do know that when I have this paid off I will never use Synchrony Bank again

  7. James Hoeltgen


    Absolutely a disaster. You can’t speak to a human and when you do they are in India. They changed my address to one that doesn’t exist. So I don’t get invoices. It’s impossible to get them to change beck to my correct address.

  8. Weymouth Sluss

    NOT worth IT!!!!!!

    Your people have no pride in what they do and do not respond to written/verbal information. Your people keep calling asking for money I do not owe you!!!! Your CEO/President may have millions of dollars but actually not worth a dime because they do not respond or actually try to assist a customer. No Wonder Walmart withdrew from your establishment!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Wn

    Horrible company to deal for fraudulent transaction

    Be careful with Synchrony your disputing transaction will never resolve under consumer favor. Synchrony accepted false documents from merchant to justify the transaction as valid.

  10. Randall Graham

    Will not correct a problem they made for me..

    My complaint id that on Feb 14 2020 someone used my ss and my name to secure a PayPal credit card , life lock notified me on Feb 20 2020 and asked me if i did it , i responded that it was not me. life lock never investigated the alert I am pissed at Life lock for NOT doing their job if the dif i would not have this problem my problem With Synchrony the putt this on my credit report and have not removed this from my credit , if they correct this with all 3 credit bureaus i would be pleased so i ask you to correct this an easy fix

  11. William Clayton

    Extenions better than balloon payments!!!!

    Is there anyway possible to extend a promotional payment by adding months to the payoff date nstead of balloon payments that dont really help much. Makes the next payment more expensive! Other banks and creditors and financial i institutions are offering extensions. Is there any possible way you guys can reconsider this an an option over a ballon payment

  12. Valerie Griffin


    Synchrony Bank I have advised you 3 times that you have allowed criminal Susana Lopez to open a fraudulent account using a minors social security number. I have filled out your “Fraud Investigation” form 3TIMES and still you keep account open. Proof of birth certificate, social security card and my driver’s license showing that my MINOR daughter is the legal owner of SSN and you do nothing but give the run around and tell me YOU need ME to get a power of attorney from MY MINOR. This is the stupidest thing. You give the CRIMINAL more protection than the MINOR VICTIM and you pride yourself in saying you empower women? You enabling the future of a young lady to be destroyed by not closing FRAUDULENT account held by CRIMINAL Susana Lopez; account # 1417.

  13. Phyllis Gattis

    Reporting to BBB>

  14. Tim

    Worst Ever . Horrible

    Horrible an they are refusing to assist me , they made a huge mistake an have taken my credit score to a ZERO . On my credit report they labeled me as deceased and all i get is the run around, and a person saying , per our policy we can only say were sorry for your inconvenience. Inconvenience you have totally stop my life in a blink of an eye .

  15. Kaye Snyder

    Stay Away From Synchrony Bank!!

    What a sorry place to deal with.There is not even anyone you can speak to so you can explain anything to. You just cancel cards that have always been paid in full every month because the business I had to close has a low credit score. You don’t even look at the personal credit card history to see that you are in excellent standing. I have had a Belk Card for fifty years, and always paid balance on time and in full, and now you have cancelled it! Belk has no relation to my business.

    This is a very unfair way to do business. It is unfair to do something this extreme before even contacting the holder of the card to find out their circumstances. You must enjoy making it even harder on your customers by not extending this common courtesy. The business I had and our personal finances are two totally different things. I will never have another card that Synchrony controls, and I intend to spread the word about my experience with you so other people will be aware of what can happen to them! You have only added another hardship, and I am embarrassed when I have a Belk clerk that I know that I no longer have a card! I hope your unscrupulous business tactics are worth to you!!

  16. Pamela


    I know they don’t even know what there own address is. It states 170 West Election and it states 777 Longridge Road.You would not believe what they did on my account. I have auto pay I have been since about 2016.In July 2019 still auto pay and they charge me a late fee really…Trust me I have the money in the bank. Three people called me asking when I was going to pay the payment really my account is auto pay how in the hell can I be late…And I’ve emailed them 3 times no respond and sent a letter no respond………….Lowe’s account check me out SYNCHRONY BANK–BBB IS NEXT

  17. Jason norris

    I have never dealt with such communist bank like yours before. I suffer frm ptsd frm the military and now my ex tried r murder me. So I left home, now your awful communist company has put holds on four accounts citgo, jcp, ebates, and cathay (when asked for a credit of some of the annual fee) they closed it!!! Your bank wanted me to send my pwrsonal personal dl (with picture, ss#, color of eyes, height, dl number) to unlock my accounts using the awful usps to an p.o. box??? Your company is out of thier minds!!! The pin letters for three of the accounts never came. I am out of state and I used my cards before here and never close to limit or ever missed any payments. Your bank is awful and should say your sorry to me and your shareholders. You can’t make any profits if all of us customers leave. Thats why Wal-Mart has left for Capital One Bank!!!


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