United Bank Headquarters Information

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United Bank is a bank that’s held by United Bankshares. The latter is a bank holding company headquartered in West Virginia in the city of Charleston.

There are five states that are served by United Bank in addition to the District of Columbia, namely:

  • West Virginia
  • Maryland
  • Pennsylvania
  • Ohio
  • Virginia

United Bankshares is a publicly traded company. It trades under the ticker symbol, UBSI, in the NASDAQ stock exchange and is a component of the S&P 400.

As of 2018, United Bank has assets valued at more than $19 billion. The bank has 142 branches distributed throughout the areas where it serves.

History of United Bank

This bank traces its history to 1817 when the Northwestern Bank of Virginia was founded in Wheeling. The bank opened a branch in Parkersburg in 1839 and it is this branch that would grow to become united bank.

Following an amendment to the National Banking Act of 1864, the branch of Northwestern Bank located in Wheeling became the National Bank of West Virginia while the Parkersburg branch became the First National Bank of Parkersburg.

The latter bank is the parent of United Bank as we now know it. This bank grew throughout the 19th and 20th Century. By 1935, it had already become one of West Virginia’s largest national banks.

By the 1960s, the bank was one of the 12 largest in the state and in the 80s, it had already become among the 5 largest banks.

A bank holding company, United Bankshares Holding Company, was formed in the early 80s as West Virginia relaxed its laws that controlled the expansion of banks in the state. The bank holding company initially had two banks under it:

  • Union Central National Bank
  • United National Bank

These two banks would later be reorganized under one brand in 1985, United National Bank.

The bank would change to a state charter and in so doing also changed its name to United Bank. By 2005, the bank was the largest headquartered in Virginia.

United Bank Headquarters

United Bank is one of a few banks that can boast of having more than one headquarters. The first of the bank’s headquarters is located at 514 market St. Parkersburg, West Virginia. This was the bank’s original headquarters.

In 2005, United Bankshares, Inc. decided to establish a second corporate headquarters office in the District of Columbia. These offices are located at 1275 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The headquarters building in Washington DC is an iconic location that the bank shares with other high profile tenants. The building is known as The Pennsylvania Building and was completed back in 1953.

The building has undergone a number of renovations since then. The first renovation was in 1987 but new renovations have also been concluded recently in 2015 at a cost of around $25 million. The building’s postmodern façade was a result of work done on it in the mid-1980s.

The building has 12 above ground floors and these are served by two elevators. The height of the building is 130 feet.

United Bank Headquarters Address

514 Market St, Parkersburg, WV 26101, USA

United Bank headquarters address

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