Woodforest National Bank Headquarters Information

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Woodforest national bank is located in The Woodlands in Texas. This is a privately held bank. As of March 2013, the bank 788 branches and these were distributed in 17 states in the United States.

This bank is Walmart’s largest retail partner. In some states, the bank has also partnered with Kroger and Sam’s Club.

A number of the bank’s branches remain open for 24 hours a day and are accessible for 364 days in a year.

Most of the bank’s branches (204) are located in the state of texas. North Carolina, Ohio, Virgina and Illinois also have a large number of the bank’s branches 89, 77, 56 and 53 respectively.

A Brief History of the Bank

  • 1980 – The bank opens its first branch in September. The branch is located in the Woodforest community where the bank also got its name
  • 1996 – The bank opened its first instore bank at a Walmart in an attempt to make it more convenient for users. Customers can access banking services on any day of the week.
  • 1999 – Woodforest launches its first round-the-clock branch in October. This branch is located at the Louetta Walmart and can be accessed any day and any time except on Christmas Day.
  • 2002 – The bank opens its 100th This branch is located in Montgomery, Texas
  • 2005 – The bank celebrates its 25th The Woodforest Charitable Foundation is established and in the same year, the bank opens its branch in Shelby, NC. This is the bank’s first branch outside Texas.
  • 2006 – WOodforest opens its 200th branch in May
  • 2007 – The bank is awarded first place in customer satisfaction in J.D. Power and Associates Retail Banking Satisfaction Study for the Southwest. In the same year, the bank also expands into 12 other states, opening more than 160 branches.
  • 2008 – The bank opens its 500th branch
  • 2010 – The bank starts to offer financial literacy classes to help individuals in the community become more financially stable
  • 2012 – The number of account holders reaches 1 million
  • 2015 – The bank celebrates 35 years since it was founded

The Headquarters

The headquarters of Woodforest National Bank are located in The Woodlands in Texas. The Woodlands is a master-planned community with a population of 107,769 (as of 2014). It’s located along I-45, 28 miles north of Houston. The community started as an exurban development but has since attracted corporations and corporate campuses.

Available Services

Woodforest National Bank offers retail and business banking services in the states where it operates. Personal banking services are available as part of this and include offers such as:

  • Checking and savings accounts
  • Personal loans

Bank customers can access various services through their mobile phones or over the internet.

In addition to the standard products and services, small business owners can also take advantage of investment options and insurance services, cash management services, merchant service and credit cards. Similar services are also available for corporations.

The bank participates in many community-centered initiatives including provision of affordable housing and offering financial literacy classes.

Woodforest National Bank Headquarters Address

25231 Grogans Mill Rd Ste 175 The Woodlands Montgomery TX 77380-3103

Woodforest National Bank headquarters address

7 reviews

  1. Jessica

    Negative one star

    This place is not the place to bank they truly suck on every level

  2. Ronnie

    poor under a 1 star
    On hold for 45min to 1 hour
    No one can answer question for you.
    Call x4 and put on hold for 1 to 1 1/2
    the worse customer service

  3. Anonymous


    I would I not recommend this bank ever in life

  4. Jermaine Williams

    Not satisfied

    I’m not happy after Seneca Sc branch took $200 from my account and claiming I was the one but in fact I was in my home town Pendleton Sc when the money was withdrawn

  5. Dorothy A. Miller

    Poor Customer Service

    I have been a customer of Woodforest Bank now for over 14 years opening my account in Thomasville, NC in 2008.. During all these years I have had great friendly service from all of your staff, in every bank I have ever dealt with and fortunately I have never had to call your corporate office to complain. However, today the experience I had with one of your customer service representatives was not only frustrating for me after having to wait over 17 minutes for someone to answer the phone, but he was down right rude. Good way to lose customers. Not to be considered a prejudiced person, but the man had an accent of which I could barely understand, and while trying to explain an incident that happened a few weeks ago regarding my debit card that was blocked after a deposit was made by my insurance company that was for a claim, which to me made no sense, it wasn’t a withdrawal, but a deposit. When I started to say that I hoped that they didn’t do that again with the second deposit which was made today, because it was very embarrassing being in a store having your debit card declined when I had more than enough to cover the transaction above the amount of the deposit, he abruptly hung up on me and never had the courtesy to call back and apologize. Fortunately, the woman I spoke with when I called back to express my frustrations, apologized and said that she was sorry that I had such a bad experience with the last representative.
    Having myself worked in customer service over the years, I can attest to the fact that those who choose to be rude and disrespectful of your customers can leave a lasting impression of which can become a key factor in how businesses eventually lose them. And although, I have been very happy with your bank for years now, if it happens again both my husband and I feel that perhaps it’s best we bank somewhere else feeling that if we can’t get the service we feel we deserve, then maybe we are no longer valued as a customer.

  6. Tiffany Jones


    O I didn’t rate it I give your company Woodforest a 1 star And that’s me being generous

  7. Tiffany Elise Jones


    Let’s see where shall I start your bank take money from consumers fund your business without permission I receive my banking information online and I see that your charge 138 dollars for a bank statement for nothing I only has 160 in my account by the way that’s was my money and you charge me a ridiculous amount for a paper statement I would like my money back in my account that’s not your’s I would like for y’all to return it I already reported you to the Better Business Bureau I’m just in the circumstances about corona 19 but that still does not give you the right to steal from your consumers please refund my one hundred and sixty dollars please and thank you


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