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Arvest Bank Routing Numbers & Wire Transfer

    The story of Arvest Bank begins in 1961 with the purchase of The Bank of Bentonville that had $3.5 million in deposits. By 2006,  Arvest Bank was operating over 200 branches. It adopted the name Arvest Bank in all of its 15 community banks, whose assets had grown to over $7 billion. Today the bank has over 270 locations and its total assets now exceed $16 billion making Arvest Bank the largest bank in Arkansas in terms of deposit market share. Its headquarter is in Lowell, Arkansas.

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To identify every bank in the US, American Bankers Association allocates each bank a unique routing number.

Arvest Bank routing numbers are:

  • 107005047 – Arkansas, Missouri and Great Arkansas City
  • 103112976 – Oklahoma and Caney


If you have an Arvest Bank check, you can easily find your bank routing number.

The sample check image below, will assist you locate your routing number at the bottom of the check.



Arvest Bank wire transfers eases the transfer of funds in both domestic and international wire transfers.

SWIFT Code is required if you want to receive international wire transfers in your Arvest Bank account.

To initiate a wire transfer, the recipient needs to provide the sending financial institution with his or her bank account details.

Domestic Wire

Performing domestic wire transfer is fast and normally clears in 24 hours.

To receive funds through domestic wire transfer, the sending financial institution will require your Arvest Bank account details.

The required information is detailed below.

  • Bank Name – Arvest Bank
  • Routing Number – 082900872 OR 103112976
  • Address of Bank – Fayetteville, AR
  • Beneficiary’s Name – Your name
  • Beneficiary’s Account Number – Your Berkshire Bank account number

International Wire

You can authorize international wire transfers into your Arvest Bank account by providing the sending international financial institution with your account details.

Here are the required details to initiate an international wire transfer

  • Swift Code – ARVTUS44
  • Bank Name – Arvest Bank
  • Routing Number – 082900872 OR 103112976
  • Address of Bank – Fayetteville, AR
  • Beneficiary’s Name – Your name
  • Beneficiary’s Account Number – Your Arvest Bank account number

Wire Transfer Fees for Arvest Bank

Arvest Bank charges you international and domestic wire transfer fees depending on whether the transfers are incoming or outgoing.

Here is the comprehensive fee breakdown.

International Wire Transfers – $10 for each incoming transaction and $35 for each outgoing transaction.

Domestic Wire Transfers – $10 for each incoming transaction and $20 for each outgoing transaction.

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