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Independent Bank Routing Numbers & Wire Transfer

    Independent Bank was founded as First National Bank of Ionia in 1864. The bank operates 63 offices across Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. Independent Bank offers full range of financial services.

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To receive wire transfers in your account, a routing number is needed to identify your bank in the US.

The Independent Bank routing number is 072402652.


You can easily locate your Independent Bank’s routing number in your check.

The sample check image below will help you locate your routing number from the check.



Using Independent Bank wire transfer to receive funds in your account offers you a very quick and convenient way.

Independent Bank allows you receive Domestic and International wire transfers.

Independent Bank is not a member of the SWIFT network hence the sending financial institution must use an intermediary bank in the US.

Wire transfer is initiated once the sending institution receives your Independent Bank account details.

Domestic Wire

Domestic wire transfers tend to clear within 24 hours.

To receive funds from other financial institutions in the US, you must provide your bank account details to the sending financial institution.

  • Bank Name – Independent Bank
  • Routing Number – 072402652
  • Address of Bank – Ionia, Michigan
  • Beneficiary’s Name – Your name
  • Beneficiary’s Account Number – Your Full Account number

International Wire

If you have an Independent Bank account, you can receive international wire transfers after providing your account information to the sender.

Since the bank doesn’t have a SWIFT code, contact Customer Care at 888-300-3193 or 800-355-0641 to request  the following intermediary bank details for international wire transfers.

  • Wire To –
  • Swift Code –
  • Address –

After receiving the above details, incorporate the following details and submit to the sender.

  • Beneficiary Bank Name – Independent Bank
  • Routing Number – 072402652
  • Address of Bank – Ionia, Michigan
  • Customer’s Name – Your name
  • Customer’s Account Number – Your full Bank account number

Wire Transfer Fees for Independent Bank

Independent Bank wire transfer fees vary depending on the type of the transaction.

See detailed fee breakdown.

International Wire Transfers – $12 for each incoming transaction and $60 for each outgoing transaction.

Domestic Wire Transfers – $12 for each incoming transaction and $25 for each outgoing transaction.

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  1. Richard William Molinaro, Jr

    The directions on the above web *page seem to address only ‘receive’ incoming wire transfers at Independent Bank, although I see at 25 USD outgoing transfer fee for domestic transfers.
    I would like to wire transfer an outgoing transaction from my Independent Bank account to another bank account (not mine) with Amegy Bank of Texas. Also, the desired amount of transfer exceeds the 10.000 USD limit for CTRs, and form 8300, from what I have read. Are there other preparations I need to address or be aware of?
    There will be a total of 4 of these outgoing transfers made within the next month for the same amount to different bank accounts (dispersal of an estate that has gone through probate in Huron County).
    Please advise.
    Richard Molinaro
    Ph (713)412-8381


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