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Arvest Bank Headquarters Information

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Arvest Bank is a company which is based in Bentonville, Arkansas. The bank specializes in offering a diverse range of financial services through its branches in:

  • Kansas
  • Missouri
  • Oklahoma
  • Arkansas

In terms of market share, Arvest Bank has the largest market share of any bank headquartered in the state.

Arvest’s presence can be found in 16 local markets in the states in which it operates. The bank has more than 230 branches and these are open for 12-hours from Monday to Friday. A number of branches are also open on Saturdays.

In the state of Oklahoma, Arvest Bank has the most number of branches of any bank.

Arvest Bank History

The story of Arvest Bank start in 1961 with the purchase of The Bank of Bentonville in Arkansas. Two years later, a small bank in Pea Ridge, a nearby town was also acquired. A third bank would be acquired in the town of Rodgers in 1975.

For nearly a decade, the three banks would continue to operate independently. The management was also done locally.

In 1984, the bank would start to rapidly grow as it started acquiring banks in communities such as:

  • Siloam Springs, AR
  • Fayetteville, AR
  • Norman, OK
  • Springdale, AR
  • Tulsa, OK
  • Prairie Grove, AR

By 1992, the company was going by the name Northwest Arkansas Bancshares and it had assets that exceeded $1 billion. The banks were still operated locally and had their respective names.

The bank’s expansion efforts would continue throughout the 90s. Some of the communities in which it moved into included:

  • Fort Smith, AR
  • Del City, OK
  • Joplin, MO
  • Little Rock, AR
  • Yellville, AR

By 2003 the company had changed its name to Arvest and many of the banks it held started to change their names too. However, the local control remained including a local board of directors.

In 2003, the bank’s assets were valued at $4.6 billion. At the end of the same year, this value had spiked to $6.4 billion, a 40% increase. This came after it acquired the Fort Smith-based Superior Bank.

The bank also made significant strides to take advantage of technological advancements e.g. by launching the bank’s first mobile banking application.

Arvest Bank Headquarters

Arvest Bank Headquarters are located in Fayetteville, AR. The headquarters building can be found at 75 North East Avenue.

The building is currently known as the Arvest Bank Building. It was completed back in 1977 and features 5 floors above the ground. The height of the building is 61 feet tall.

Customers can access regular services at this branch from Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm. The branch is closed on weekends.

Arvest Bank Services

Arvest Bank’s services are divided into personal and business. The personal section offers products and services suited to individual customers. These include:

  • Checkings and savings accounts
  • Debit cards
  • Home Loans
  • Investment options etc.

The bank’s business section caters to different sizes of business from the small to the large. Business owners can get anything from merchant services to international banking services.


Arvest Bank Headquarters Address

75 North East Street Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701

Arvest Bank headquarters address

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