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Credit One Bank is a bank that’s held by Credit One Financial, a bank holding company. The bank holding company in itself is a subsidiary of Sherman Financial Group, LLC.

This bank specializes in issuing of credit cards. This means it doesn’t provide regular retail services such as savings and checking accounts to customers. The bank has in excess of 7 million cardholders in the U.S. and the number is growing.

CEBA National Bank Charter

Credit One bank operates under the above charter. In order to qualify for this type of charter, it can only engage in credit card related banking activities. Under this charter, the bank cannot accept demand deposits or deposits that can be withdrawn.

Operating under this charter also means that the bank cannot accept savings unless they exceed $100 million unless the deposit is a collateral for a credit card loan. The bank also can’t go into the commercial loans business.

A Brief History of Credit One Bank

In July 30th 1984, Credit One Bank started its operations in San Rafael, California. At that time, it was a full service bank going by the name First National Bank of Marin.

The bank had a diverse range of products from the time it opened until 1995. This was when it turned its focus to partially and fully secured credit cards. In 1996, the bank was designated a limited purpose bank. This meant that they were focused on a less broad range of products.

Two years later, the bank moved to Las Vegas, Nevada. The bank was given the CEBA status in March of 2005 and almost a year later, its name was finally changed to what it is now.

Credit One Bank Headquarters

At the moment, Credit One Bank’s headquarters are listed as 585 Pilot Road, Las Vegas, Nevada. This is a single story building that used to serve as a call center.

However, the bank started construction of its new headquarters back in December 2016. The project was expected to be completed by the end of 2017.

The new building is being put up on 6801 South Cimarron Road and is expected to create 500 new jobs upon completion. The building is being made using concrete tilt panels and will be the first of its kind in Southern Nevada.

The new building will be four stories tall and will be sitting on 26 acres of land.

Credit One Bank Services

Credit One Bank currently has three main cards that it’s issuing:

  • Cash Back Rewards Visa: This is the standard card which comes with a 1% cash back on all purchases if you qualify.
  • Platinum Visa for Rebuilding Credit: This card comes with a 1% cash back on eligible purchases
  • Official NASCAR Visa: This card came after the bank entered into a deal with NASCAR and it comes with all the available perks including a double cash back at NASCAR.COM’s Superstore.

Some of the features and benefits of Credit One Bank’s credit cards include:

  • Being able to see your credit score for free
  • Earning cash back
  • Account alerts
  • Zero liability on the customer’s part in case of fraud
  • EMV chip technology etc.

Credit One Bank Headquarters Address

585 Pilot Road. Las Vegas, NV 89119

Credit One Bank headquarters address

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    Notice Fraud alert
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