M&T Bank Headquarters Information

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The M&T Bank Corporation currently operates as a bank holding company. Based on its total number of assets, it’s currently the 34th largest bank in the U.S. However, it’s market capitalization makes it the 17th largest bank. The bank was ranked at No. 455 on the Fortune 500.

This bank carries many distinctions including having turned in a profit in every quarter from 1976. During the 2007/2008 financial crisis, it was one of only two banks in the S&P 500 that did not lower its dividends.

M&T Bank Headquarters

The bank’s headquarters are located in the city of Buffalo, New York. The building where the headquarters are located is known as One M&T Plaza.

One M&T Plaza is an office tower with 21 stories and has a height of 318.2 feet. The building is the 6th tallest in Buffalo.

Construction of the building was completed in 1966 and is estimated to have cost $16 million. The steel used in the building’s construction came from Bethlehem Steel which had a local plant in Buffalo at that time.

The building’s base was made from green and white marble while the interior was of travertine. There is an exterior plaza that forms part of the building as well.

The location of the building has been the site of several well-known buildings in the past including:

  • The Richmond Hotel from 1887 to 1888
  • Iroquois Hotel from 1889 to 1940
  • Bond Clothing Company Building from 1940 to 1964.

History of M&T Bank

M&T has a history that stretches bank to 1856 when it was founded as the Manufacturers and Traders Trust Company. This was in Western New York state. The bank was founded with the idea of having an institution that could finance purchase of durable manufacturing equipment.

The idea for the bank was launched by Pascall Pratt, a foundry and ironworks owner, and Bronson Rumsey, who was in the leather industry.

By 1902, the bank’s initial capital of $200,000 had risen to $1 million. In March of the same year, it became a national bank. Another landmark made in the same year was the bank’s first acquisition. This was the purchase of the Merchants Bank of Buffalo.

Over the years, the bank would become larger. Its good reputation enabled it to survive the stock market crash of 1929 even as other banking institutions were liquidated.

M&T Bank has made many acquisitions in the past. From 1987 to 2009 alone, the bank acquired 20 different companies.

M&T Bank Services

M&T Bank Corporation has several major subsidiaries through which it offers a range of products and services. These subsidiaries include:

  • M&T Bank
  • M&T Real Estate Trust
  • M&T Securities
  • M&T Insurance Agency Inc.
  • M&T Realty Capital Corp.
  • Wilmington Trust, NA etc.

The services offered by the bank touch on retail, business, professional, commercial, investment and mortgage banking.

M&T Insurance Agency offers insurance products while M&T Securities provides brokerage services. Wilmington Trust Company provides investment management and fiduciary services but only within Delaware.

In many of the areas it operates, M&T has a major presence in the local market especially for middle market clients.


M&T Bank Headquarters Address

575 Main St, Buffalo, NY 14203

M&T Bank headquarters address

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